Journey into the wild

An invitation to 2015 Living Wild project.

in August

What to bring ?

During one month we will live like a clan, together as a group providing for our needs in the wilderness. Like stated before, anyone who has the experience and material/food ready is invited. But we will have a limited amount of people, so if you want to come, let us know as soon as possible. This is not a course, but a co-creational event by us who partake.

We will live without plastic, metal or any other modern material. You are welcome to bring anything that you have made yourselves from nature, may it be fibers from the jungle, or flintstone from Denmark. The importance here is that you have crafted the item, and did not buy it from the internet for example.

All clothes and tool that you can bring will by natural material, such as skinn, bone and plant fibers. See below for packlist:

This is a journey made by us as a group, and we will strive to function as a group, trying to get as much food as possible from the spot. We ask that you come to stay for the whole month, coming from the beginning, staying to the end.

About the location:

The exact spot is not yet decided. But what can be said about the environment and ecosystem during August is that it can be both warm and cold, dry and rainy.

From 23 to 30th of July will we meet up and do some preparations on the spot. First of all we will all meet and get to know each other a little, secondly it will give us some time to build a shelter beforehand. During this time you are welcome to use whatever clothes, food and sleeping ear you wish.

We do ask that you eat paleo food at least 1 month before the project, prefeably three with little sugar intake or none at all. Switching drastically to a wild diet can influence your energylevel and emotional state drastically. And that can later on influence the whole group

There will be some kind of journalist involved in the project, the details are not yet decided. But it will be in a discreate way, and only for a short time.

What to bring:


  • Clothes: Made out of skinn and fur.
  • Two upper layers, (Example: One buckskinn shirt and one fur vest. Or felted clothes
  • One bottom layer (Example, leggings and a skirt, or a pair of trousers)
  • 1 pair of moccasins, preferably 2-3 to switch when wet.
  • Opptional: a hat


  • - Sowing repair kit (bone needle, awl, thread etc)
  • - Arrow making tool kit (pitch glue, hide glue, stone flakes etc)


  • 1.5kg of rendered animal fat
  • Dont bring any dry greens as there will be plenty of it)
  • 2kg dry wild meat/fish

Other things

  • Containers to carry the food in
  • Packframe (recommended to use a packfram rather than a packbasket for easier accesability through woods)
  • Bow and arrow
  • Sleepinggear (example, sheepskin/raindeer sleeping bag or a felted blanket/sleepingbag)
  • Clay cooking pot, or other cooking vessel

One or two of us will have cameras, and you are also welcome to bring a notebook, but make sure it is earth coloured.
If you do not know anyone of us personally, pleease send us some information on what this experience means to you and what gear you still need.
When it is decided for to partake in the experience you'll be invited to an email list where we can share more with eachother andplan it together.

If you have any further questions contact

Gernot in Austria post@zruckdahoam 0043 676 6830142
Nick in Sweden 0720368682
Jane in England 07456508320

Ort.: Schweden oder Norwegen
Beginn.: Ende juli
Ende.: Anfang September
Kosten.: nix !!